Optical 2D and 3D technique for measuring of metal stamped, plastic and hybrid parts


Connection of optics and fine mechanics with the German town of Jena is traditional. The ideal conditions and qualified personnel in this sector guarantee innovative top technology. And such technology is just developed and delivered by the company OTTO Vision Technology GmbH Jena.
OTTO offers its customers 2D camera systems for the production continuous control and process optimization. The station PSS can be especially used for stamped parts. Its application will ensure the quality of parts immediately in the stamping process. This system records 100% number of stamped parts in a tool or behind it.

The station PSS is also used for optimization of the stamping process when a tool is put into operation. Already at this moment you can see a change in the respective dimensions on a part being stamped, in dependence on the stamping speed.

Such optimization and subsequent 100% continuous control minimize complaints regarding stamped parts and ensures lower material consumption. And this everything without restriction of speed of strokes!

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