BRUDERER high-speed presses

The high speed presses Bruderer are synonymous with precision, performance and reliability. Their operational reliability and high productivity contribute to reduction of costs of stamped part production. Stanzautomat Bruderer is designed for series production of stamped parts, electrical contacts, parts for the furniture and automotive industries, in rotor and stator sheet metal production. With its unique technical set-up, the high speed press BRUDERER achieves the speed of 2000 strokes per minute. With high accuracy of ram guides and repeatable accurate position in the lower dead centre, it guarantees precision of parts and considerably extends intervals between sharpening of tools. Persons operating the high speed press Bruderer work with the comfort control B2-Steuerung and considerably reduce time necessary for the tool adjustment. You will learn yourselves the above-mentioned as well as subsequent arguments when operating the presses BRUDERER.

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Catalogs for download

BRUDERER training (PDF)
High speed press BSTA 200 BRUDERER (PDF)
High speed press BSTA 280 BRUDERER (PDF)
High speed press BSTA 410 BRUDERER (PDF)
High speed press BSTA 510 BRUDERER (PDF)
High speed press BSTA 810 BRUDERER (PDF)
High speed press BSTA 1250 BRUDERER (PDF)
High speed press BSTA 1600 BRUDERER (PDF)

About BRUDERER company

A company with tradition and a future.
Bruderer is recognized worldwide as a leader in high-speed pressing technology. The company was founded in 1943 by Mr. Egon Bruderer. In a few years, the company has developed into a global supplier of BSTA press machines. This huge success was made possible by three important features of Bruderer presses - performance, precision and quality.

The future as a challenge.
BRUDERER employs approximately 460 people worldwide, of which 370 are located in Frasnacht, Switzerland, at the production site for all BRUDERER pressing machines. The share of exports is more than 95 percent. Sales and service organizations located all over the world, as well as BRUDERER's own competence centers, are the direct contact with the customer.



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Our target is to constantly improve the quality of service provided to our both current and future customers.

Regular training of our personnel directly in parent companies goes without saying so that we could also advise you on the most demanding stamping applications.