Hard metal

P Using hard metal as a material with high wear resistance is given by its properties: high hardness, high strength in tension, high module of flexibility, sufficient toughness, very small thermal degree of expansion, good machinability and very negligible tendency to cold welding up. All these properties are a requirement for using hard metal as a material for production of piercing punches and shearing inserts for sheet metal stamping. In order to select hard metal correctly, knowledge of its most important properties is important, i.e. hardness, strength and toughness. Piercing punches and inserts made of hard metal feature high precision and long service life between re-grinding of tools. Therefore, they are used advantageously mainly in high speed stamping on the presses BRUDERER.

Ejectors of moulds

We deliver all types of ejectors that are used for the mould construction. We offer a complete programme of ejectors of all dimensions and inter-dimensions. Shapes of ejectors are flat, round and tube according to the DIN and DIN ISO standards. Designs of ejectors are according to the customer’s requirement - plasma-nitrided, nitrided in bath for achieving higher surface hardness and longer service life. Conical and roll ejector heads are hot forged and tempered for achieving higher toughness. Thus ejectors have longer service life.



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