The excentric, mechanic and toggle presses - LEVER DRIVE

The Italian company Officine Tecnomeccaniche Italiane (OtiPRESSE) already has a 60-year tradition, where it underwent a great development. From the manufacture of mechanical parts to manufacturing and mechanical excentric presses (small and medium-tonnage presses). These presses are used for the automotive industry, but also for production of household appliances, metal packaging, etc...

The construction of the press and the course of pressure curves / ram speed at BDC / It is based on customer requirements and requirements for the process.

OtiPRESSE company is known for its projects outside Europe, such as Turkey, Korea, Kazakhstan and Mexico.

Extension development, the company OtiPRESSE focused on mechanical presses for installation transfer system, according to customer requirements. According to the press structure and the velocity of the ram may be used for press forming operations, deep drawing, embossing and precise cutting.

Development presses focused on the highest safety standards (safety of operators, minimizing noise, environmental protection, ..).

Complete systems and special presses
Presses made for specific production, where the press is designed and manufactured in accordance with the needs of the customer after consideration of all aspects of construction (weight, size stroke, cycles per minute, the dimensions of the work table, blowing waste, sizing and dimensions of the parts).
These lines also enable turnkey assembly of molded parts, welding or mechanical bonding. OtiPRESSE can also provide systems complemented by an actuator ..

Implementation of presses and their parameters - example:

The new press line for drawn parts
The press built in LEVER- DRIVE slow movement of the ram at B.D.C., enabling to perform an operation of deep draw. It is equipped with upper and lower retainer, complete the transfer device / 16 / station from Di.Gi.Emme. There is a built-in electronic roller feed with zig-zag system, straightener and double unwinding device.

new line

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