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Equipment for grinding of piercing punches DIN, ISO and others – total length up to 120 mm.

Operative helper directly in the stamping shop and tooling shop.

The agent is designed for grinding of shearing diameters of stepped punches and, if necessary, also their shortening. You can simply change the diameter of piercing punches to the required value.

It is possible to grind all types of stepped punches ISO 8020, DIN 9861 and Posaunenhals from the diameter of guide part of 3 mm to 30 mm and the total length of the punch up to 120 mm. Therefore, all standard lengths of punches according to the respective standards!!

The product is designed for clamping onto a magnetic needle of the grinding machines flatways. All clamping and levelling areas are precisely ground.

Agent size:
Ground plan: 170x90 mm
Height: 120 mm

We keep the grinding agent in stock, and so it is at disposal immediately after placing an order.

If you are interested, we will be pleased to send you detailed specification.

24. 03. 2009

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