Highly efficient automatic press BSTA 200-60BE

08. 07. 2007

Especially due to the pressure from Asia and Eastern Europe, the optimal possibilities of reducing production costs are more and more taken into consideration through automations and constantly increasing speeds.

However, investment costs will become more and more important.

In order to reduce the increasing competitive pressure, the new automatic press BSTA 200-60BE from the company Bruderer has been developed. In particular thanks to the increasingly successful segment in production of small and highly precise parts, it depends on the fact whether there is high expansion.

Force of the press is not decisive. A much bigger role is played by production of small parts of the electrical and automotive industries, such as precise and process certainty and economy.

New BSTA 200-60BE fully meets the specified requirements and the result speaks for itself:

High precision and optimal process certainty at a very attractive price:
A new highly effective press. The automatic machine BSTA 200-60BE combines mechanical precision, the latest electronics and constantly increasing innovation leading to uniformity of the need/costs ratio.

The lateral shaft is made up of force of two connecting bars on the lever system, and these drive the pressure columns of the lift jack. BSTA 200-60BE guarantees both long service life and high precision and rigidity. The hardened spindle and nuts are adjusted as in the already known models of BSTA series.

The model enables highly precise adjusting of the lift jack positions and ensures the best accuracy of parts in all parts of the process.
BSTA 200-60BE was presented for the first time in Europe, at Blechexpo in Stuttgart. At the same time, the cylindrical pusher BBV 180 was presented especially developed for this press type. The innovative concept of the pusher provides several advantages. For example, the exchangeable coil does not need to be adjusted any more, its rollers can be exchanged very quickly.

The last thing we would like to emphasize concerns the machine’s control. On the basis of the known B-control, Bruderer has developed new machine and process control. The above-mentioned B-Essential meets all requirements of highly modern control, even in spite of its easy operation.

Via highly sensitive screens operators can enter, in an optimal and structured way, all relevant information and, if necessary, they can optimize the stamping process during the process.

The target to develop the public philosophy of control has been achieved by B-Essential. Operators are not restricted, more or less, by strictly prescribed software any more. After what we have seen we can say that we have the old H-control with the newest technical possibilities and data storage functions.


Our target is to constantly improve the quality of service provided to our both current and future customers.

Regular training of our personnel directly in parent companies goes without saying so that we could also advise you on the most demanding stamping applications.